Chapter4 LNG Technologies Provided by Tokyo Gas

When Tokyo Gas decided to introduce LNG to Japan in the 1960s, LNG technologies were in an embryonic stage. Engineering companies overseeing design, installation manufacturers and Tokyo Gas, which manages operation and maintenance, were all inexperienced. It was through trial and error that gave birth to excellent installation design, manufacturing, construction, operation and maintenance technologies.

In the process of acquiring this know-how, Tokyo Gas took an active role in its capacity of LNG user with experience in operation and maintenance to improve LNG technologies through participating in receiving terminal engineering and installation design.

In 1988 Tokyo Gas established the Engineering Development Center specializing in developing LNG know-how through trialing new technologies. The company made ground-breaking advances in LNG installations to increase reliability at low cost by leveraging its operation and maintenance expertise as an LNG user. Tokyo Gas is also developing technology to lengthen the life and increase the reliability of initial LNG installations which have been used for over 30 years.

These achievements are evident in the facilities of Ohgishima LNG Terminal, the latest LNG receiving terminal operated by Tokyo Gas. It is barely necessary to mention that these technological advances are reflected in the long-established Negishi and Sodegaura Terminals.

Tokyo Gas opened a training center for operation and maintenance know-how. The training center has educated many operation and maintenance specialists with expert maintenance training such as dismantling for inspection using simulators that reproduce the operation of LNG receiving terminals and other educational tools for LNG facilities.

Not limited to Tokyo Gas staff, the training center is open to other companies in Japan and abroad. In fact, many trainees from other countries travel to Japan to take the simulation courses on operation and maintenance. The Production Training Center is favored for its easy-to-understand courses that yield a high level of expertise.