Chpter3 LNG Receiving Terminal
In-ground storage tanksLNG receiving terminals have the following installations
  • Berth facilities to receive LNG from LNG carriers
  • In-ground LNG strage tanks
  • LNG pumps to feed LNG from tanks
  • ORVs and SCVs to re-gasify LNG
  • Calorific value adjustment system to control the calorific value after adding LPG(unique to Japan in order to supply city gas with a consistent calorific value)
  • Odoring facilities to add a distinctive smell to gas
  • BOG compressors to compress boil off gas that occurs in LNG tanks
  • Control centers to operate receiving terminals
  • Various control facilities used by the control centers

Tokyo Gas facilities benefit from the company's 35 years experience in operation and maintenance of each stage of LNG supply including receiving and distribution. This experience gives the company superior know-how in operation and maintenance technologies.

These technologies are utilized in major facilities at receiving terminals such as in-ground LNG strage tanks that are designed to harmonize with the surrounding view and excel in safety; ORVs that are extremely reliable and economical; and LNG pumps that are dependable and renowned for their long life. The company's proven expertise is also essential to the operation and maintenance of the receiving terminals.

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