Chapter2 LNG and Tokyo Gas

From its first LNG imports from Alaska in 1969, Tokyo Gas has expanded its operations to import LNG from Brunei in 1972 then from Malaysia in 1983, followed by Australia, Indonesia and Qatar.

LNG, an acronym for liquefied natural gas, mainly contains methane with ethane, propane and butane also present. LNG make-up differs according to each region. These differences have an impact on storage and vaporization procedures.

Particularly in the case of Alaskan LNG, which has over 98 percent methane, special care needs to be taken during vaporization because of how different this LNG reacts compared to LNG from other regions. Tokyo Gas has received, stored and vaporized such varying types of LNG for many years resulting in the company acquiring formidable technological expertise in handling operations and installation maintenance.

Examples underscoring the importance of these technologies include operation methods for mixed-storage of varying types of LNG, countermeasures to prevent rollover and fluctuation of the calorific value in vaporizer.

LNG Imported by Tokyo Gas : ton