Chapter1 LNG Essential to Japan,Essential to the World

Trading in LNG, which started in the 1960s between the U.K. and Algeria, entered a period of steady progress when Tokyo Gas started importing LNG from Alaska in 1969. Other countries began importing LNG with 1980s seeing LNG imported worldwide to countries such as France, Spain, Taiwan and Korea to mention a few. Despite this impressive proliferation of LNG, Japan still makes up about half of the world's trade in LNG.

Taking Tokyo Gas' lead in importing LNG, city gas companies and some power utilities throughout Japan introduced LNG resulting in LNG holding a key position as one of Japan's energy sources for city gas and power generation, complementing oil and nuclear based power. Currently, two-thirds of the LNG imported to Japan is used for power generation with one-third for city gas supplies.

The LNG Tokyo gas imports for city gas supplies amounts to 15 percent of Japan's LNG imports, rivaling total LNG imports to France or Spain. The company's technological prowess is evidenced by this proven performance and extensive experience.