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Contactless Viscometer VISCO WAVE

Prestigious good design award 2017 was granted to the contactless viscometer, Visco Wave, which employs a very unique measurement principle.

Visco Wave



There are many fields where liquid viscosity must be controlled properly. Paint, liquid foods, engine oil, and cooking oil are some examples. The traditional viscometry often requires direct contact with liquid, for example, by measuring resistance generated when the liquid is stirred. They require rinsing the instruments which results in low throughput. 


Visco Wave

Visco Wave is a revolutionary device for measuring the viscosity within a few seconds. The process is just to put the liquid sample in a disposable container into the apparatus and automatically shake it for a few seconds. It is very easy to use and can dramatically increase throughput. Integration of sample container and sensor circuitry improved the precision of the device significantly in the product.

Principle of the device
A calibration curve using standard viscosity samples



Important: Other physical parameters such as density of liquid may influence the results. Calibration for each liquid is necessary.

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