Gas Leak Tester with Temperature Compensation





Leak Testing of Gas Piping

It is needless to say that any leaks from gas piping should not be allowed; it is one of the gas companyfs fundamental responsibilities. Usually, when a gas pipe is tested for leaks, gas pressure is monitored for a few minutes after pressurizing inside. If the pressure decent is observed while monitoring, there may be a leak somewhere in the pipe. This is the standard leak testing method used for decades by professionals.

Leak detection using the pressure monitoring is a sensitive method requiring no complicated equipment. However, the pressure may change due to not only leaks but also ambient temperature change. Accurate test may not be performed often in mornings and evenings due to the quick changes of ambient temperature.


Temperature Compensation with Pressure?

SAVER-PRO solves the problem with a simple but very smart way. The point of the method is that temperature compensation can be done without temperature measurement. Because overall temperature effect to the pressure change in a pipe can not be determined by temperature measurement of any point of the pipe. The following steps explain how SAVER-PRO solves the problem.



STEP1: Before pressurizing the pipe (i.e. inside is atmospheric pressure but disconnected to ambient.), the pressure is monitored for a few minutes. Note that pressure changes observed during this step is due to the temperature changes but leaks as no pressure difference between inside and outside of the pipe produces no gas flow through tiny holes (i.e. leaks).




STEP2: Then, pressurize the pipe, and monitor the pressure again for a few minutes. Pressure changes during this step include effects from both leaks and temperature changes. .




STEP3: Subtract pressure change in the STEP1 from pressure change in the STEP2; the remaining should be net pressure changes due to pure leaks.




STEP4: If the result indicates possible leaks, repeat the STEP1 again to make sure the temperature effect is still persist. Go back to the STEP1 if the measurement contradicts from the previous data.







Pressure change during a test




Saver-pro has been used among many propane distributors in Japan.

Mr.Arima, the president of AIM-TECH, who started the venture company a few years ago, having many years of experience in the gas industry has developed this equipment with the passion for increasing safety. Tokyo gas Engineering sharing his sprit is currently helping the company to promote this novel device to the City gas industry.








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