A New Application of Laser Methane Mini (LMm)

We developed Lather Methane mini (LMm) originally for gas leak detection done by service personnel of city gas companies, and many domestic and international city gas companies are now using our LMm in order to ensure the integrity of their supplying systems. As the popularity of the product increases, a new application of the product arises such as usage for firefighters.


Firefighter’s role as the first responder

When an emergency including fires takes place, you may call 911 (119 in Japan) first. Firefighters often becomes the first responder to the disaster location in the result; firefighters have to control the situation using their own equipment in order to minimize potential risks.

Inside of an FDNY station. Firefighters risk their lives when tackling dangerous situations.
Some of firefighters of this station lost their lives in the 911 terrorist attack.


LaserMethane for firefighters

Locating gas leak is one of the most important issues for firefighters at fire situations. It is needless to say that LMm is very useful device for them as methane existence can be checked even through transparent windows.


Introduction of LMm at FDNY

Many large cities including city of New York suffer from aged infrastructures, which often cause disasters. Fire Department of New York (FDNY) is introducing many new technologies to tackle the tough challenges; drones equipped with digital cameras, for example, are now popular devices to monitor live view of fires. In 2019, many LMm were also equipped in many fire engines operated in city of New York for the first time.

FDNY control room Explaining how to use LMm at FDNY


An indispensable item for urban firefighters

LMm is very useful to not only city of New York but also to other urban cities in the U.S. where city gas is available. We hope the device will assist the first responders to find gas leaks at fires. We continue to search for new applications of LMm.


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