Repair Service of LaserMethane

Many users are heavily using LaserMethane mini (LMm) for their everyday work in order to prevent serious gas related accidents from happening. Occasionally, the users are sending their LMm back to us for repairs although LMm is a robust device. Only qualified engineers who know LMm very well perform the repair work and send back to users after checking its performance thoroughly.

We believe not only our business never ends at when just making sales and providing a fixed customer service, but also insist repairing is the most important part of our duty. Yes, it is Japan quality!


(1) Repair Work

This device was sent back for repair. Apparent problem was cracks on the Fresnel lens in this case (left photo).


The engineer diagnosed other optical parts were also damaged when probably dropped the device by the user. All the necessary parts were carefully replaced based on the diagnosis.

(2) Optical Performance Testing


Repaired LMm are tested for optical performance, regardless of repair types. All the data is stored in our database for future reference.

(3) Cleaning and Packaging


Finally, the repaired LMm is thoroughly cleaned and packed nicely in a box. We know special skills are required even in simple procedures such as cleaning the display surface and turning screws on the heat sinks. We hope you appreciate the hidden quality we provide in our products.




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