Manufacturing Facility of LaserMethane

LaserMethane is manufactured in GASTAR Co., Ltd. in Kanagawa prefecture, Japan since 2017. GASTAR is a major gas appliance company, manufacturing consumer water boilers and floor heating systems. It is needless to say that very high product quality is required for the end-user mass production appliances, and LaserMethane is manufactured with the same quality standard of gas appliances.


Facility Overview


 The brand new production facility of LaserMethane is physically separated from other facilities in order to control ambient such as temperature and humidity in the area. Inside of the room is clean and well-organized.


Morning Routine Meeting


A morning meeting prior to production work, checking schedules, improvements in works is held routinely.
Very Japanese practice in the industry (left.) Production schedule is displayed on the door (right.)
All the work in the facility is well organized and controlled, avoiding any ad-hock operations.


Explosion Proof


Devices used in the explosion proof products are stored in the special black containers with electrically conductive material (right.)

When entering the production room, anti-static uniform, anti-static shoes, anti-static gloves and anti-static strap have to be used.  Since interruption of work in a production process may cause faulty procedures, irregular break time is assumed in the area, where only preregistered personnel are allowed to work (left.)





Assembling Products


LaserMethane is assembled by young skilled workers. Some parts are very small, and precision microscopes have to be used in the production process.



Each assembling step is well documented and displayed on work benches.
Check points are also written on the sheets, and they are routinely revised for improvements (left. ) 
Daily audit by quality control team ensures the integrity of the production process (right. )


Complying RoHS Directive


The green line signifies RoHS area. Only RoHS complied material and tools are allowed in the area. Performance of the tools such as driver torques is displayed on the tool holders, and they are checked routinely.


Tracing Production History


Under-assembling units have a temporally barcode sticker for tracking assembling history of the units.  All the assembling history data can be traced with the barcode. In addition, not only start-using date but also expiration date of each chemicals used in the assembling process are displayed on the each container. All the data are recorded in a database and chemicals exceeding the expiration date never be used in the assembling process.


Calibration of Products

The calibration step is one of the most important procedures. Standard gas cells are used for the calibration. The yellow line signifies the laser hazardous area.









Gas Cell Calibration


The standard gas cells used in the calibration process is further checked with high purity standard gas annually. No compromise is allowed in the product quality.


People of Pride

The photo above is the LaserMethane team of GASTAR corp. They hope the products manufactured under the strict production control benefits increasing safety of methane gas related work. Their “Kaizen” work (Improvement activity at production) will never end!



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