A Remote sensing Methane Detector

LaserMethane mini: SA3C31A

Feature of LaserMethane mini

The LaserMethane mini (or LMm) is capable of remotely detecting methane and other gases containing methane (natural gas or similar.) It can quickly detect gas leaks or accumulated gas from a remote place by pointing a laser beam at the area of interest.

The LMm has been dramatically improved from its previous model and is now intrinsically safe; compact in size, has lower power consumption enabling longer operating hours, and with extended operating temperature range.
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Principle of measurement

The measurement principle of this equipment relies on the characteristics of methane gas, which absorbs the laser beam (infrared rays) of specific wavelength.
The laser beam directed at targets such as gas piping, ceiling etc. will reflect back a diffused beam from the target. The device will receive the reflected beam and will measure the absorption of the beam, which will then be calculated into column density (ppm-m.)
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Where to Use the LMm

Based on an analysis of many feed backs from serious gas professionals using Lasermethane, we found that LMm is especially useful in the following situations:

Type1: Searching Beyond Reach----Checking narrow places, under floor etc.
Type2: Searching High Place ---Checking pipes on ceiling and walls
Type3: Quick Scanning leak area----Find high concentration in leak area



Standard accessories

Rechargeable battery
Battery charger


Main specifications

Detecting gas Methane(CH4) and methane-containing gasses (natural gas or similar)

Measurable level

1-50000 ppm-m‚P

Measurement accuracy

}10% (100-10000 ppm-m)

Sampling speed

0.1 second

Measurable distance

0.5-100m (using reflection sheet)

Power supply

Custom rechargeable battery

Continuous Operation Time

>5 hours @25Ž

Laser Safety Class

Guide light: Class 2
Measurement light: Class 1
(IEC 60825-1: 2001)

Intrinsically Safe Category

CE 0344 Ex‡U2G Ex ib op-pr/op-is ‡UA T1
(EN 60079-0: 2006, EN 60079-11: 2007,EN 60079-28: 2007)


EN 61326: 1998

Operating Conditions

Operating temperature range: -17`50Ž
Splash-proof and dust-proof structure(IP 54)

Dimensions and Weight

70(W)~179(D) ~42(H)mm
600 grams including battery

1: Minimum detection level may depend on the reflector/ reflecting object and detecting distance.


Safety precaution

  • Please use this device to detect the target gases only. Gases other than the target gases cannot be detected by this device.
  • Please use the custom battery only. Using other batteries or power supplies may damage the device, cause electric shock or other serious risks.
  • To recharge the battery, please use the supplied battery charger with the AC adapter supplied with the product.
  • Do not look into the beam source, nor point the beams to human eyes, since the red guide laser (Class 2) infrared laser (Class 1) are both emitted from the device.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.



Tokyo gas engineering Co,.Ltd. and Anritsu Corporation (manufacturer) have received the 2009 Technology Award from Japan Gas Association for the development and marketing the laser methane products. This annual award is given to the most prominent technical development in the industry.

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