Optional Parts for LaserMethane mini-G

Optional parts (SA0Z55A and SA0Z57A) for LatherMethane mini-G have developed. These parts are suitable for academic researches and environmental monitoring purposes which often require prolonged data acquisition.

1. AC Power, Car socket Driver Unit(SA0Z55A)

Long time data acquisition using LaserMethane mini-G has been limited by the battery capacity, and more than a few hours of data logging operation was not possible despite the advanced data transfer to external android devices was equipped. The power driver unit, which replaces the battery unit, enables LaserMethane mini-G to operate for a long time. The USB cable and chargers shown in the figure are not included. Please refer to the specifications in finding the additional parts.


Connections of AC Power, Car socket Driver Unit


2. Fixing Jig(SA0Z57A)

LaserMethane mini-G can be fixed on a camera tripod with the standard screw using the fixing jig. The camera tripod is not included.


Construction of the Fixing Jig


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