[New Product]SA3C50A Laser Methane mini-G

Our LMm has further evolved from the existing LMm which has got a favorable market reception for its' compact size. The name is Laser Methane mimi-G (pronounced "Dash-G"). With Dash G, a green guide laser light is applied for visibility improvement in response to a demand for it from many customers. Also, Dash G is equipped with the communication facility with an Android Smartphone by taking in advance by introducing IT to gas leak detection service Dash G as the leading edge of technology has no second in the world of remote gas leak detection.

Introduction of Green Guide Laser Light

The green guide light indicating its' laser irradiation point.

Infrared is applied for our laser methane detectors to detect methane gas, thus invisible to human eyes. For this reason, a red laser light is used for our conventional models for guiding user’s eyes to show where the detecting points are. The red light is fine for indoor detections to check pipes on ceiling etc, but difficult to spot the red guide light as with often in the case of outdoors under a clear sky.

Color green is the most visible light to human eyes.

It is known that human eyes are the most sensitive to green light. Green light is more visible than red one if the both have the same intensity. Therefore, a green laser comes with the new model, Laser Methane mini-G as the guide light to assure enough visibility to find out any gas leakage outdoors even under strong sunshine. "Dash G" as the product name represents green color of the green laser light.
The body color of the product has become green in keeping with the product name, too.


Connection with Android devices

A large capacity memory function and an alarm function with the earphone, which were once put on our conventional models, are omitted from the existing Laser Methane mini because a remote methane detective function had to be packaged in the smaller and
more compact body. We have managed to realize these functions on a Laser Methane mini by equipping a communication function with a Laser Methane mini with outside devices rather than by putting these functions into a Laser Methane mini itself. Keeping the characteristic of a small and light gas-leakage detector, we have successfully added various new functions to Dash G

Bluetooth communication

We have deployed Bluetooth for Dash G for its' measurement data communication with other Bluetooth devises at a distance within approximately 10 meters. You need to install an exclusive application on your Android Smartphone to communicate with Dash G.

The exclusive application’s variety of functions:

Besides the memory and alarm functions, various other functions are available with the exclusive application.


・Measurement data display and storage
Almost the same measurement data shown on Dash G's LED screen is displayed on your Android as well. The measured data is of course stored and you can retrieve it later.


・Mapping function
If your Android has GPS function. you can view the measurement history, the methane densities and the measured locations on the map.



・Photo function
You can store the measurement data at a gas leakage point by linking the photo of the point.


・Email transfer function
You can transfer the measurement data to a designated email address.


Please download the exclusive application here.
You can install this application on your Android without having a Laser Methane mini-G. We, however, do not warrant that the operation of the application will be uninterrupted or error free for all Android devices.


★ GasViewer Download Manual (PDF:1MB)


Optional Parts

Optional parts (SA0Z55A and SA0Z57A) for LatherMethane mini-G have developed. These parts are suitable for academic researches and environmental monitoring purposes which often require prolonged data acquisition.

→ Optional Parts for LaserMethane mini-G



Laser Methane mini-G is not of an explosion-proof structure. Please be careful in the use at a dangerous place. It is expected that a trend of developing only a core part of a testing device and putting the other functions operated by software on a Smartphone or a tablet will be accelerated. It's no exaggeration to say that Laser Methane mini-G is on the leading edge of the trend.


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