Features of Laser Methane

The followings are some of the prominent features of Lather Methane.

A great tool for inspections of high places

Routine inspections of gas leak at customers with large gas consumptions including underground shopping malls and factories often require checking pipes in high places. By using Laser Methane with the remote sensing capability, efficiency and safety of the inspections are greatly improved. The compact size and light weight of Laser Methane reduce the burden of inspection personnel.


Quick scanning gas leaks in a large area

The main constituent component of city gas is methane, and the gas is originally odorless. Small amount of chemicals adds the unpleasant smell to the city gas for the purpose of attracting quick attention when gas leaks. The odor is very useful for finding small leaks and alarming the gas leaks to people near by, but finding leak locations is getting difficult as time elapses in closed spaces because of the gas diffusion equalizing odor strength. Swift scanning the area with the laser gives rough idea of gas distribution in a very short time, and this often leads to pin point the leak location. No other sampling means can compare for this purpose.


Resistance to water

Introducing water to sensing elements should be avoided in other gas sensing techniques. This applies to conventional catalytic sensors and the FID (Flame Ionization Detector.) Laser Methane is advantageous in this regard because no gas sampling is necessary.




No periodical maintenance required

Conventional gas detectors require periodical calibrations because of unavoidable degradation of sensing elements. In case for Laser Methane, a small methane gas fused in a small glass cell is embedded inside the unit, and this tiny cell allows system to calibrate the laser diode automatically. The elimination of the periodical calibration apparently contributes suppression of long term maintenance cost of the system.



Locating gas leaks

Do you think that the most important factor in finding gas leak is to equip high tech detecting devices?Answer is apparently no. Leak finding is not such an easy task. It requires 4 to 5 years at least to be ga professional.h The emergency task still heavily relies on skills and experience of emergency personnel. To locate leak positions, Various information including locations of gas valves and/or detectorfs indications etc. has to be integrated. There are special training courses in Tokyo Gas to learn such a high level skills. Those professional skills require all the sensors of human; just looking numbers on detectors is not good enough. We believe that Lather Methane mini is such a professional tool that the professionals can rely on.




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