LASERMETHANE is an unique portable device enabling detection of methane remotely.

There are two models of LASERMETHANE R (SA3C05A & SA3C06A.). SA3C06A has extra functions of data storage.

Principle of Remote Detection

LASERMETHANE utilizes infrared absorption spectrophotometry of methane gas. The volume of methane gas is measured by emitting a specific laser light towards a measurement point then detecting some of the scattered light from the target. The measured gas volume is expressed as methane column density (ppmEm), methane density(ppm) multiplied by the thickness(m.)



Comparison with other techniques

  1. Fast Response and Sensitivity
    Virtually instant detection is possible with LASERMETHANE.(only 0.1 second.)The sensitivity is 10ppm-m(.10ppm x range length1m)
  2. Excellent Selectivity
    LASERMETHNE detect only methane gas because laserfs wavelength is chosen such that only methane gas absorbs the light; therefore false reports by other gases is avoided perfectly.
  3. Remote-Detection
    Absorption rates of methane can be measured from distance, so detection of methane gas leakages at places, where conventional technologies cannot be applied easily, becomes possible. The locations include high locations such as pipes on ceilings and narrow places)
  4. Downsizing and Easy Operation
    LASERMETHANE detector is so small and light that an operator can carry and conduct inspection without additional help. Operation is very easy because only two buttons are normally used (power switch and measurement trigger).
  5. Detection over windows
    The device can work over windows since the laser beam easily penetrates through glass, as the infrared beam is not absorbed by silica significantly.





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