Mounting LMD on Vehicles




Car installation manual


1 AC drive unit



Connect the AC drive unit into LMD. The AC unit is recommended for long continuous operation.


Close the cover of the AC drive unit, and then tighten up a screw with hand.
2 Tripod adaptor  


The tripod adapter should be used in connecting LMD and a tripod mount.


Installation of the tripod adapter to LMD.
Make sure the orientation of the adaptor is correct; the rubber grips on the adaptor are directed toward the handle of the LMD. See the photo on the left.



Tighten up the screws with a screwdriver to fix the adaptor to the LMD.
(Caution: There are no screw holes on the LMD, and therefore, do not tighten up too much.)



There are two holes on the back side of the adaptor. Both holes are the standard 1 1/4 inch camera screw threads.


Screw on the quick release of the tripod mount. Use the screw hole of the adaptor near the front lens so that the tripod mount will not interfere with the LMD.


Tighten up the finger screw to hook up.


Install the video/camera rubber sucker tripod on the front window on the passenger side of the vehicle.
Pump the blue knob repeatedly until the red line disappears so that the rubber sucker completely adheres to the front glass.



Connect the quick release on the LMD to the video/camera mount.


Adjust LMD direction appropriately. The LMD should be directed toward a topographic target so as to receive reflected light from it. Do not aim at sky. There is nothing to reflect your infrared light.


Open the window, and then you are ready to go.
As the LMD stays inside of the vehicle, the LMD is protected from strong wind and rain.

Sensitivity of vehicle mounted LMD (VMLMD) heavily depends on vehicle speed, surrounding topographical situation, and amount of leak. We confirmed successful gas leak detection with the VMLMD as fast as 30km/h under certain experimental conditions.
The AC drive adapter, attachment and rubber sucker tripod used in this explanation can be purchased from us. Consult your local representative or send an email to us for detailed information.



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